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I can give you some general categories and topics that tend to be frequently searched on Google:

  1. Entertainment: Movie releases, celebrity news, and TV shows are often hot topics. For example, searches for the latest Marvel movies, popular Netflix series, or updates on well-known actors and musicians are common.
  2. News and Current Events: People often search for the latest news on global events, politics, sports, and weather.
  3. Technology: Searches related to new gadgets, software updates, and tech news are quite common. For instance, new iPhone releases, Android updates, or information about popular apps and games.
  4. Health and Wellness: Queries about health conditions, symptoms, remedies, and diet and fitness tips are frequently searched for on Google.
  5. Travel: People often search for travel destinations, flight information, hotel bookings, and tourist attractions.
  6. How-To Guides: Searches for instructional content on various topics, such as cooking recipes, DIY projects, and educational tutorials.
  7. Finance: Queries related to stock market updates, cryptocurrency, personal finance tips, and tax information are popular.
  8. Shopping: Product reviews, price comparisons, and online shopping queries are common, especially around holidays and special occasions.
  9. Social Media: Searches for updates on social media platforms, trending hashtags, and viral content.
  10. Celebrity Gossip: People often search for information about their favorite celebrities, their relationships, and their latest projects.
  11. Sports: Scores, schedules, and information about various sports, teams, and athletes are frequently looked up.
  12. COVID-19 Updates: During the pandemic, information about COVID-19, vaccines, and safety measures was among the top searches.

Please note that the popularity of search topics can change rapidly based on current events and trends, so the most searched things on Google can vary over time. To get the most up-to-date information, you can visit Google Trends or other real-time search trend analysis websites.

most popular keywords are “Facebook”, “Google”, “Weather”, and “Gmail”

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