Personality Test: Your Forehead with Your Hidden Personality.



Do you have a broad forehead? Take the forehead shape personality test. slender forehead? a concave forehead? m-shaped forehead, etc. To find out what your forehead says about your personality, read this forehead personality test. SPREAD THE WORD about this forehead shape personality test to your loved ones!

Head Shape Test for Personality
Head Shape Test for Personality
Head Shape Test for Personality: According to feng shui face reading, a person’s forehead is regarded as luck sent directly from heaven. Good fortune, fame, power, and health are all predicted by a straight, bright forehead with a noticeable, smooth, round, and shiny area. However, did you realize that your forehead can also give away your personality?

Big Forehead Character
Your personality traits indicate that you prefer to stay two steps ahead of the crowd if you have a broad forehead shape. Most certainly, you are the leader of your organization. Despite the fact that you tend to be placid and quiet, you have a control freak inside of you. You prefer it when things go your way. People seem to trust your judgment as well because of your highly intelligent and intuitive personality. You are also skilled at giving counsel, whether it be emotional or practical. Your IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and EQ (Emotional Quotient) are in good proportion.

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