What is ‘Error loading media file not found’?


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can you fix ‘Errors loading media files not founds’?

Some of the common fixes included below

  • Refreshing the web page
  • Updating the web browser version
  • Clearing the browser cache data and disabling extensions
  • Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Update the web browser version

“Errors  media-  Files not found” may also appear when the web browser does not support the video format due to regular update of the JW Player version. If this error appears, try to update your web browser, same goes with Android and iOS browser. The new version of JW Player might be included in the update.

Error media file not found


get the Disable or uninstall the extensions-

  1. Open Browser.Error media file not found
  2.  get Virtual Private Network (VPN)

    If “Error loading media: File not found” appears only on a specific website, the video may not be available in your region. Some website videos are blocked by region, or blocked by IP address, and some may be private. If you encounter a  region or IP address block, try to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that could virtually change your IP address by physical location.

    However, if you are running a VPN already, it is possible that the cause of the error is your VPN. Try to disable it and see if the video runs smoothly.

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