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Best video calling applications for Windows PC



Best video calling applications: Finding it difficult to connect with your relatives and friends? Missing those meetings and face to face chit chats when we all were free to roam anywhere? This is a side effect of lockdown due to t COVID-19.

But, many of us feel this vibe of missing someone every day. The pain of missing your loved ones is not easy to express.

Many of us leave our parents and loved ones and home behind in order to pursue higher studies, for jobs, business. Though we all do this for our love -one’s better future. But the bitterness of this success is that we had missed them a lot.

Earlier it was quite painful as we were not able to see them for many days and months. But now, technology has made this easier. Now we can see and talk to them through video calling from any place of the world to another corner on the globe. With the help of the internet and a device like a computer, laptop, and mobile phones we can easily connect with them and speak as if we are sitting with them as long as we want.

For connecting our loved ones we need applications installed in the device. The application should be compatible with the devices on both ends. The call will land to the other person on the same application platform. So you need to ensure that both the ends are using the same applications.

The details below contain the best application for video calling in Windows PC.


Best video calling applications

This application has set it’s table high  in terms of application for video calling. This is much easier to use with great quality. One of the major reasons to opt for skype is that this is the most accessed app for video calling and you can find almost everyone here.

The security level of the application is also high to ensure a smooth process. It is easier to download and generate an ID using a mobile number. Apart from video calling it can also be used for messaging. This is highly preferred by mobile and window PC operators.

Google Hangouts

Best video calling applications

This is another favourite video calling application of people around the globe. With the brand name Google makes this app even more trustworthy and reliable.

The second major clause that makes it so famous is that you do not require a new Login ID and password to access it. This is easily operational by your existing gmail ID. The google hangouts apart from video calling gives you an area to message and share screens also.

They are one of the easiest applications you get with your Gmail account. You can also download the hangouts application available on the play store for your mobile and windows PC.

The simplest way to use hangout is to log in to your Gmail account through your PC. Send an invitation to the person whom you want to connect with. Remember any type of conversation will be possible only when your invitation will be accepted by the other person.


Best video calling applications

We all know that Facebook is a worldwide application having millions of users. We can find every connection or relative here. Facebook also allows the feature of video calling to your friends.

You can make a call through the web form of Facebook or even with messenger application. For this you need to have an active facebook id, you should have a connection with that person and high-speed internet connectivity. This is operational with both Windows PC and Mobile devices. 


Best video calling applications

Another social media application that has got the world together is Instagram. Everyone who is Facebook is also on Instagram. You can use this application for connecting with your friends and family. This allows users to do group video calls also.

You cannot use Facebook and Instagram for official calls, unlike Skype and Hangouts. All you need is to log in to your Instagram account through the web and make a call to the one you want (should be in your friend list).


Best video calling applications

This application is also one of the most used applications for connecting with friends and family. You can easily contact people and friends. We can also do group best video calling applications,

This is a well known software and is accessible in every platform. Hence, you can easily access it by window PC and mobile software.

Video Conference 

Best video calling applications

Though this application has not gained much popularity, you must try it once. This application has got some amazing and interesting features. This is one of the best application for informal.

Video calling. This again is compatible with all types of devices and platforms. More of like your whatsapp and other social applications. So, give it a chance to serve you and you are definitely going to like it.


Best video calling applications

We chat is also another famous application for casual video calling. Most popular on the android and IOS version, this is now available for Windows operating system also.

Much like Whatsapp, you can make calls to other numbers available on We chat. Apart from this we can chat and share files also. You register yourself in We chat and start having a great video calling experience.



Who is not available on Whatsapp these days. Whatsapp has become the top ranked application for connectivity. Almost every number is available on application.

All you need is to register your account with your mobile number and start using this. But to use this on Windows operating systems you need to switch to Whatsapp Web. Best video calling applications,

A screen with QR code will appear on the computer screen, all you need to do is scan the QR code with your mobile phone. As soon as the scan is successfully completed, your WhatsApp account will get operational on your windows PC.

Messenger for Windows 10

Messenger for windows 10 (HiFriends) is another top liked application for Windows PC. This is easily available from the app store. Especially designed for PC and has got a great user interface. 

Apart from video calling you can use this application for voice calling, messages and other features available within the application.

Zalo Desktop

File:Logo Zalo.png - Wikimedia Commons

Another highly preferred application for the year is Zalo Desktop. This is a high rated application for official and unofficial video calling. This application is used for doing video conferencing also.

Apart from video calling, you can send voice messages, texts and other high end features available from the Zalo app.

So now, as you have a list of Windows applications for video conferencing and calling you can utilize them easily in the best way. We have also advised their favourability on the basis of official and casual use so that it will be easier to select them based upon your business and personal needs.

Hence, you need to worry and miss your connections as in this technological era they are now just as video call away. Best video calling applications,