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Impact of artificial intelligence in everyday life -ai applications in smartphones



impact of artificial intelligence

impact of artificial intelligence: This is the world of technology. Every action these days is driven by technology. Our new technical friend that is with us is Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been implemented in our day to day actions. 

Even our smallest action of social media is driven by artificial intelligence. 

Techies are more inclined towards implementing artificial intelligence in our life. AI driven things makes the tasks more efficient and productive.

We are using Artificial Intelligence in Gaming, office work, defense and development and many other important process

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence: Improves Productivity, Improvement in Quality of Interface and Increase in accuracy

Let us learn where and how are we using Artificial Intelligence in our lives

Mobile Phones:

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The first thing we do in the morning is to check our mobile phone for messages, news, etc. And to view all these we need to open our mobile phones.

Could you remember the latest development in the mobile lock – Yes, you caught it right. It is a phone ID.  This method is totally based on Artificial Intelligence. Apple’s Face ID can work in 3D also.

When you try unlocking the phone with your face, the phone lights up your face by invisible infrared dots and scans the face simultaneously running algorithms and checking each and every minute details stored in it.

Social Media:

Have you ever noticed the data on social media or the types of activities provided over social media for entertainment. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others all use Artificial Intelligence behind the curtain to segregate data and present it to you. All the news feeds, posts visible to you in your account are totally based on Artificial Intelligence.

Have you ever noticed how youtube or news on Instagram are relevant to your interest? (impact of artificial intelligence)

This is because of Artificial Intelligence. These social media run Artificial intelligence. They gather the data of your search and with the help of AI reflect the data on your account.

Emailing or Messaging 

We all are using emails and messages to contact others regarding our needs.

Whenever we start composing mails and start writing, to make our work easier we get suggestions for upcoming words and phrases. Hit on tab and that suggested phrase will be added to your mail.

Similarly whenever we type messages in our phones we see a few suggested words popping up above the keypad on the screen.

Sid you wandered that how does these know what we want to type next and why only these words are coming up?

This is again because of AI. The algorithms record your data and analyse it. Which is used for future reference.

Digital voice intelligence

Now our search is a speech away instead of click. Do you remember the last time you typed in your search in the search bar. No? Neither us. 

Voice assistant applications like Siri, google, alexa all are based on artificial intelligence.

This Artificial Intelligence, allows you to speak and it analyses your natural sound and words to give you the desired results. It allows you to command from anywhere in the room and get your task done easily.

Location and Travelling

Artificial Intelligence has also changed the way we use to travel. Who cares to remember the turns on the way to the destination. Gone are the days where we used to remember the path of any specific area or ask others for the way. 

In the technology based world even the travel routes are handled by Artificial Intelligence. You must have used google maps.

All you need to do is enter the start point and destination.It will show you the best route with least traffic among the multiple ways. This way it saves time and makes travel easier.

The pointer which is indicating your position keeps on changing as per your movement and it also advises when to take turns etc.

You can also share your current location with anyone whenever required.

Internet Search

impact of artificial intelligence

Whenever we start typing our inquiry in the search bar over the browser we see a list of relevant searches called suggestions and many times we click on one of those suggestions to get our result.

This is again Artificial Intelligence. When you start typing your words are matched with the searches done over the internet through AI algorithms to give you relevant results.

The whole process works within a few seconds and the transition is seamless.Search engines run on  Artificial Intelligence  and provide relevant data matching to your search history.

Smart Home Devices

All the smart homes devices are driven by artificial intelligence. They recognize you, your search, and operate on your command. Every successful  task of smart devices depends on artificial Intelligence.

Based on pre-programmed algorithms they are capable of processing your instructions either verbally or through manually and hence fulfilling your instructions.

Even your fridge and refrigerator all are based on Artificial Intelligence. They change their temperature depending upon the need. Isn’t this very intelligent. We do not need to worry for things once we have set the instructions.


 Paperless Banking  has  taken banking to the next level. But with this advancement the concern of security has also risen up. To ensure safety and security of the money of account holders. All your net banking, cashless banking is Artificial Intelligence based.

All the transactions are detected and fraudulency is tested at every level of every transaction. One example of artificial intelligence is that when you scan a cheque from your phone,  it will log into your account.

Your shopping is done with a credit card also needs to go through algorithms of Artificial Intelligence, Many times your transaction is declined or terminated on the basis of suspicion by AI.

Music and Entertainment

The music and entertainment applications record your habit of listening and viewing. Based on this they are able to refer you with suggestions matching your taste and likes.

It works similarly with movies or series on Netflix or Amazon. Keep watching a similar kind of video for two or more days. The suggestion list will change its content according to your interest.

This all is artificial intelligence- impact of artificial intelligence


We all are fond of gaming and it is, of course, one of the famous leisure time activities. The online gaming industry has also implemented games based on Artificial Intelligence.

This technology makes gaming more interesting and user friendly. Playing games based on Artificial Intelligence gives a different level of experience with smooth transitions and unimaginable hurdles coming up.

So, you see how Artificial Intelligence has changed our way of living. From the start of the day till sleeping at night we all are dependent on AI to make our life easier and faster.

impact of artificial intelligence has given a new direction to technology and its implementation. The scope of AI is getting wider day by day allowing to use it everywhere we can make use of it.