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The start of a fabulous day must be done in the right way!-how to start your day?



The start of a fabulous day: Every sunrise is a blessing to us and we must welcome this with our heart filled with hope and mind with positivity. With every new morning it must strengthen our belief that today we will achieve all we want. 

Our elders keep on saying “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” . But with current ongoing changes in our lives we are not able to follow this. Because of modernization and nightlife, we are now going to bed late simultaneously waking up late in morning. Sometimes we also compromise with our sleep quality and quantity ultimately leading to ill health.

We need to understand the mechanism of our body and sleep. How a healthy morning start can have a great positive impact in our lives? How a right morning routine can promote your overall development. Further moving ahead, we will be discussing a right morning routine that can have a positive effect on your living within a few weeks only.

Before stating the methods of the right routine, let us first understand the benefits of having a right start of the day. A correct routine, if followed in morning can help us in following ways:

Positive impact on health – it reduces the levels of toxins 

Increases work efficiency – freshness and the increase in oxygen level boosts energy level

Boosts us productive – as we have more time so we can focus easily on work

Makes body’s functions stronger – Body getting its fuel on time will ultimately become strong

Increases Time Management – It increases of our habit of doing all the work on timely manner eventually

So now let’s gauge the steps that makes a habit of starting a morning in right way: -The start of a fabulous day

Wake up on Time

Try to fix your waking  time at least two hours before you leave for office or college. These two hours will give you sufficient time to treat your health, have breakfast and plan your schedule for the rest of the day. Doing things at ease and not hurrying up will certainly reduce the stress level of the morning.

You will have enough time to pamper your body and stomach at their best. 

Many of you may find it difficult to get up on time in spite of the alarm ringing. So the trick for getting up on time is to keep your alarm clock some distance from your bed . So that you need your bed to turn off the alarm sound. 

Walk, Stretch or Run

Having light exercises in an open area with greenery will increase your energy level. It will also increase the oxygenated blood. It will make you feel refreshed and all ready to start your day. 

If you have a park near you then you van go for running or walking, Or you can stay at home and do a bit of cardio and yoga. Stretching will help you to relax your muscles, make them strong and flexible.

Do not over workout as they will make you feel tired. Try to do some meditation and mood lightening exercises.

Drink lukewarm water

Drinking lukewarm water on an empty stomach is a great remedy for health and skin. Consuming water lukewarm  water empty helps to maintain weight and keep check on belly fat.

Drinking a glass of water will make you feel fresh, resolve bowel issues and is a good start of a day. You can also add honey or lemon to the water to make it more efficient.


The start of a fabulous day

Yes, pre planning helps to save much of your morning time. Before going to bed decide on what you will wear the next day, are the dresses ironed or not. What you will like to have in breskfast. You can also prepare some of the ingredients of your breakfast at night as it will reduce your preparation time in the morning. Like you can cut vegetables or boil them at night. 

Pre planning is something that keeps you ahead and saves your time.

Shower -The start of a day

Having a nice shower after workout will remove all the oil and dirt of the past hours. Allows your skin to breathe. If you are not feeling relaxed or seem to be stressed muscles then go for a hot water bath. It will relax the muscle pain making you feel more energetic to start your day. You can add some of your favourite essence in water to make it feel more refreshed and mood booster. A fragrance can make your mind or can even spoil it. Try to have soaps or body washes having menthol as it is believed to activate your sense with the refreshing fragrance.

Shower will also make you look fresh and vibrant.

Ice cold water

Take a bowl of ice cubes and water. Dip your face in the water 5 – 6 times while holding your breath as much as you can. This water is very helpful for facial muscles. The ice cold water is the best remedy for caring for your skin. The water will sooth your eyes and skin. They will reduce your face fat and is believed to be a kick start for a day.

This you can do after doing a bit of exercises. This way you can keep yourself fresh and lively from the start of the day.

Utilizing your time

You can do multitasking to save your lot of time. You can do two tasks simultaneously. LIke you can keep your breakfast on low flame or temperature  to cook while taking shower. While taking shower you can remind yourself of the important task that you need to do in a day. Likewise you need to experiment  with the morning tasks to couple them out and hence reduce the time stress and avoid yourself from freaking out.

Trick: If you are taking a hot shower and not having your dress ironed then take it and hang it beyond the curtain if you are having a hot water bath. The steam will reduce the crease on the cloth

Take your time to dress

The way your dress is the way you feel and make others around you feel. Try to dress properly and have a happy face. Wear makeup the way you like. Psychology says that if you are looking good then you will feel happy and your mind will start reacting the way you feel. So if you are happy, your mind will work at its best and you will also make others feel happy.

Trick : Keep your dress, hairstyle, makeup and accessories all planned at night. All you need is to execute them without wasting your time.

Never skip breakfast:

A golden rule of having a right morning routine is to never skip your breakfast. It is the first meal of the day and should be healthy enough to give you enough energy till your next meal or mid – meal. You can have a bowl of fruit, oats,milk or any other thing that soothes your taste buds.

Trick: If you are running short of time, then carry for breakfast with you and you can have it on your way or after reaching school or college

Positive thinking

All the above hard and smart work will be in vain if you are not positive thinking in your mind. Your mind is having all your body commands. It should be positive in order to command other parts well. With the start of every morning routine you need to believe in you and stay positive towards all the challenges of the day.

Trick : Stay between people who make you feel happy, support you. Avoid hanging out with negative minds who always carry no or curse on their lips.  

So, now as you have all the methods and tricks of doing a great and right start of a day with a correct morning routine. So here you are all set to make your day happy and successful.

Following the above points you are able to judge the changes within yourself.  Now, you can start your morning right!