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Modern Hairstyles and How They Differ from the 80s Curls



modern Perm Hairstyles and How They Differ from the 80s Curls
credit; perm hair- via @damiansantiago

hairstyles look stunning on long locks, and they are fun when it comes to crops. Once your hair is long enough to be wrapped around rods, you can nail a girl. Yet, you need to understand that length stands for weight, and heavier hair is not so good at holding a curl. Nonetheless, a girl can last longer on fine or thin locks, even if they are quite lengthy, so it’s better to discuss the procedure with your hairdresser beforehand. (Modern Hairstyles and How They Differ from the 80s Curls)

Long Permed Locks Looking Natural

35 Modern Hairstyles and How They Differ from the 80s Curls
Credit ; via @hairby_anahychav

We know that long locks tend to look flat, especially when not layered and textured. But we also know that the flipside of perms is damage – your cherished hair may suffer from the use of chemicals. So, is it worth to take the plunge? “The solutions used to activate the curl are less harsh, and stylists can modify the results to be more modern,” Nunzio Saviano, celebrity stylist and owner of the namesake NY-based salon, tells Refinery29. “If you have straight, fine, or limp hair that doesn’t hold a natural wave, you’re the perfect candidate for a perm,” he adds. With those picture-perfect long hairstyles in our gallery, we cannot but agree with the pro.

Medium Length Cuts for Low Maintenance Girls

Modern Perm Hairstyles and How They Differ from the 80s Curls
credit : via @iragoldwell

 present-day perms do a nice job for wash and go girls. “It’s a great look to get an air-dried finish and a great way to give straight hair a soft bend and movement without additional heat and styling time. There are also modern techniques where it can be straighter at the top half with the bend in the hair starting at the mid-length and ends. The other big change is using a larger rod to create a loose, soft bend in the hair. We’ve also seen a big shift away from the overstyled curling iron waves to a more natural air-dry texture,” George Papanikolas, celebrity stylist for Matrix with Hailey Baldwin and Jenna Dewan-Tatum among his clients, tells InStyle. This is how it works for mid-length cuts.

Best Ideas to Steal for 2022

This blond spiral ‘do boasts a plethora of depth and lift at the roots due to strategically placed rods and their smaller size.

Tighter ringlets will bring in gorgeous texture and bounce, which is just the thing for saving your hair from looking flat.
credit : via @salonshearenvy

For loose curls, larger rods are installed to get an awesome boho feel that comes with this mermaid long hair.

Because of tiny strands divided during the process, these permanent waves are so airy and voluminous, despite the length that would otherwise weigh them down.

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