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what are the top grossing movies of all time in the USA and Canada?



Movies are the best source of entertainment. Some of us like romedy while others like fiction. Likewise there are multiple genres of movies. (top grossing movies in USA and Canada)

top grossing movies in USA and Canada

Inflation is not going to affect cinemas as beyond buying tickets there are other techniques also that make a movie hit on box office. The top movies in the USA depend on multiple factors including the sale of tickets. But as in recently as Cinema has developed and underwent changes that makes top movies a difficult search.(top grossing movies in USA and Canada)

So, in order to ease out your search and crawl through google in search we have collected some of the top movies till today for US cinema and canada.

So here go through or list of top 10 movies in the US to entertain yourself.

Titanic (top grossing movies)

top grossing movies in USA and Canada

Titanic has ruled the film industry for more than a decade as top movies. This is also the highest grossed movie in history. Shot on ship this movie is a masterpiece with romance and love.

In this movie a 17 years old girl named Rose is from an aristocratic family and falls in love with Jack who is an artist in ship. Their love started moving then the ship’s front deck witnessed a collision with an iceberg which made the water to enter the ship from the sea. The movie beautifully portrays the hardship that Rose and Jack faced and how they tried their best to overcome it. One who likes to watch Romantic movies, then this movie is absolutely for them

Marvel’s the avengers

top grossing movies in USA and Canada

This movie is a superhero based movie from 2012, but still is the top watched movie in US and UK.

The famous characters that left an impression on people’s mind are Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and Thor.(top grossing movies in USA and Canada

This movie is about saving the world from evil. These superheros undergo fictitious and dramatic situations. The imaginary world developed here is marvellous and the scenes of this top movie are  near to perfection.

The Dark Knight

top grossing movies in USA and Canada

Another top movie in the US is The Dark Knight.The movie is a sequel to Batman released in 2008.

Movie showcasing the following starcast still rules the heart of people:

Christian Bale, Michael Caine,

Morgan Freeman and many others

The story plot is on the base of theft, robbery and crime. A gang robes a bank. People of the gang kill each other within the gang for a larger share of money and at last Joker flies away with money. Batman thinks that he can retire from his duties now but then he gets this to solve the robbery and crime that took place in its hide.

Pirates Of Caribbean

Pirates Of Caribbean and top movies 2020

This movie stood to be in the top 10 movies with the fantastic acting of a character named Jack sparrow. The movie is having many series with the same name.

The movie is disney, based on pirate legend and folklore. The story and scenes of the movie are beautifully directed. The movie depicts Jack Sparrow as a hero and this character eventually developed multiple fans across the globe. Telling the plot of the story will destroy all the suspense  and story of the movie.


top grossing movies in USA and Canada

This top movie is a computer based animation of a superhero released in 2004.

The plot of this movie revolves around the revolt of the population against superheroes because of the damage caused to the property and town because of fighting between them. The government and authority took multiple steps to cool all this down and even tried to hide the identities of the superheroes. The movie is bit fiction with lots of suspense and laughter.

Rogue One

top grossing movies in USA and Canada

Rogue One : A star war is a movie locked under top 10 movies and is based on epic space opera. A research scientist is hiding with his family in order to save their lives from enemies who want them to complete a  Death Star. This is a super weapon capable of finishing several planets. All the fights, planning and rescue revolve around the death star. This movie is having science fiction, technology, and a space scene to drive you more into the universe. Fights and plannings are good enough.

Deadpool 2

top grossing movies in USA and Canada

This movie is again a superhero movie based on a Marvel comic character named Deadpool.

The movie revolves around Wislon who after limiting the crime in Deadpool after killing his targets. He fails to destroy one of his targets , and the target later kills his love. 

Wilson tries to commit cursing himself for his love’s death. Once he gets rescued he with his team again fights and sets up peace in the state.


 Joker: The 50 Best Movies on Netflix Right Now

Another movie in the bag of top movies is Joker. This is  a thriller film released in 2019

This movie circulates around the stand up comedian Arthur. Arthur lives in a city of Gotham suffering from crimes and unemployment. Arthur suffers from a disease of laughing without reason. Arthur  was given a gun to fight against the attackers and he moves around the city to protect the people. Later he opened his show for stand up comedy. The movie witnesses thrill, laughter and a mood lightning story.


top grossing movies in USA and Canada

This top movie deals with the comic character with the same name.The movie is a kind of love story with some thrills and fights. The man named Thomas rescues Atlanta, the queen of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis. They both had a son who had the power to communicate with sea creatures. Later the soldiers from Atlantis came to separate the queen from his family.

This movie is having an underwater theme based on separation and union of a family.

The scenes of the movie are breathtaking and will definitely sooth your vision.

Lion King

20 greatest American movies of all time
 Lion King

This animated movie is based on a forest ecosystem. This is a story about the journey of a lion prince who was weak, frightened and naughty to becoming a king of a jungle by protecting his pride.

He fought against his enemies, worst situations and his fear and low confidence. The movie has got the best animation, music and visuals.  You can find yourself easily connected with the storyline

So above mentioned are top 10 movies