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why do I keep getting USB device not recognized



USB device not recognized: these errors is find when you connect the your Mouse, Keyboards, Camera, Pen drives and other more Usd Devices to you laptop/PC.

usb error

today will be discuss on this issues and solutions for you.

first let discuss on issues when you usb ports not working or usb not recognized with your devices.


1- you USB device maybe corrupt or unstable.

2- you loptop/pc maybe required to update.

3- your windows myble missing some updates of hardware or softwares.

4- in your USB controller having problems like courrpt or unstable.

5- your laptop’s motherboard may required to updates of drivers.

6- sometimes not proper plug by USB with Laptop.


1- check USB and restart the Laptop and plug again your USB.

2- uninstall the driver and re-install the reconnect the USB

3- sometimes after plug USB wait 1 Min for automatically load the setting and software.

4- get the search box and type device manager and open

USB device not recognized

and click on disk drive

then click on pulgged USB drive and get update option

USB device not recognized

then again disconnet and connect the USB now working the you USB.

5- uninstall the USB device and again install for USB for recognised your USB to windows.

USB device not recognized

6- update the latest windows updates – goto the search box and type windows update and open

then click on download for update your windows

USB device not recognized

7- Reinstall the USB controllers (USB device not recognized)

when your USb driver is corrupt the USB then use this: goto the start menu and type device manager :

then double click on USb root Hub, open new tap click on uninstall once your uninstall process completed then restart the laptop after start your computer your drive automatically installed.

8- check the motherboard drivers or hardwares

sometime our motherboard or USB port is not proper update of missing some components , check the your components then USB port working .

more details visit microsoft help center: click here

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share your comments and questions.

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