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YOGA poses exercises: Yoga is a practice that helps to maintain the fitness of the mind and body. The roots of yoga are found to be in relevance with late Indian history, around  5000 years old. 

yoga exercises are a combination of exercise, meditation, and spirituality that helps one to attain the balance between his mental and physical health. Yoga as per Indian history was practiced in Indian mainland years back and was a tradition, but it lost its virtue within the ever-advancing technology and lifestyle.

It has been a few years now that yoga has revived and has spread its charm even across the boundaries of Indian subcontinent. Yoga has marked t’s special presence and its benefits across the globe and we celebrate 21st June as yoga day every year.

Rishikesh has been a great center of teaching and practicing yoga in India.

The benefits of doing yoga are though uncountable, but we tried to highlight few of them for you like:

  • Maintains physical fitness
  • Provides mental strength
  • Aids many elementary diseases
  • Has cure of nearly very minor issues related with human body
  • Increases flexibility of body
  • Weight reduction and management
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Improves the quality of life
  • Helps to fight depression
  • Can rdue chronic and migraine pain substantially

No one knows who invented yoga and how it was spread as there are no written records for it. ‘ The education and details of yoga were passed on to the disciples and learners.

The written record named “Yoga- Sutra” by and promoted by Patanjali has almost all the details required if someone wants to master yoga. Yoga is an art to gain control over your body’s muscular, mental and spiritual health.

This all is attained by yoga postures, meditation and eating habits. Nowadays people are using yoga postures and poses to gain fitness. But this was not what initial yoga was used for. The key focus of yoga days back was to attain spirituality.

The six branches of yoga are : 

Hatha Yoga : practiced for gaining physical and mental strength

Raja Yoga: deals majorly with meditation that helps to increase spirituality and discipline

Karma Yoga : this branch helps to make the future free of negativity.

Bhakti Yoga : This is basically practiced by people who are devotees and helps you to path your emotions and thoughts in a positive way

Jnana Yoga :This branch deals with learning, wisdom and study

Tantra Yoga: This branch deals with certain spiritual rituals, ceremonies, and practices

One can decide which branch to follow once the person is clear about the goal of why he want to practice yoga(yoga poses)

There are multiple yoga poses in modern yoga that enhance physical fitness, toned muscles and mental health. Yoga is one of the best solutions to problems arising due to sedentary lifestyle and eating habits.

Now let us study about some of the simple yoga poses which are easy to perform and helps to solve many of your health issue:

Let us start the study of poses from beginners to advance level

yoga poses


  1. Mountain pose: 

Also known as Tadasana. The benefits of this pose is that it helps you to work on your balance and strengthen your attention and focus. This helps you to master other postures as this acts as a frame.

  1. Corpse Pose:

Known as Savasana. This is a simple pose and is included in almost every yoga session as it helps to relax the whole body and provides your body with enough time to adjust with the benefits done by the exercises to your body.

  1. Seated Forward Fold:

Popular as Paschimottanasana. This gives strength and stretches your spine, lengthens your back and stretches hamstrings as well. These all parts help to perform the advanced level yoga poses with ease.

  1. Bound Ankle Pose

Also known as Baddha konasana. This will have a nice stretch ability to your inner thighs, while bending forward will help you to increase cooling and calming effect.


  1. Plank Pose (kumbhakasana)

Planks are one of the most famous exercises to increase the core strength of your body. This pose strengthens your abdominal muscles and helps to reduce the fat.

  1. Four Limbed Staff Pose:

Known as Chaturanga. This is one of the most key poses in Surya Namaskar ( Sun Salutation). It helps to boost the core stability and strengthen your abdominal and triceps muscles. So in short this posture helps to train and tone your upper body. But you need to attain proficiency in this pose so that you do not harm yourself.

  1. Upward- Facing Dog 

In Sanskrit it is known as Urdhva Mukha svanasana. This pose is performed after Four Limbed Staff pose in Sun Salutation. 

The benefits of this pose is to help you to open up your chest and shoulders, while stretching the abdominal and hip muscles.

  1. Warrior Pose

Known as Virabhadrasana.This is another key pose in the Sun Salutation process. The benefits of this pose is to strengthen your legs, arm and back muscles. Infact, this is one of the best ways to treat your body and tone the muscles of your whole body and reduce accumulated fat

5.Bow Pose:

Also known as Dhanurasana in Sanskrit. While performing this posture, our body forms resembling bow as per the name. This is the best posture for your front body from head to toe.

This is best for your chest and shoulders. This also promotes your abdominal muscles and organs.

6.Came Pose 

Ustrasana. Again this pose mainly  focuses on the whole front body, from tip to toe. This helps to strengthen the  back  muscles.  It regulates the blood flow also.

7. Revolved Triangle Pose:

This is known as Parivrtta Trikonasana.

This is round the clock exercise which facilitates multiple health benefits. This helps to stretch and strengthen your hamstring and outer hip. Removes the fat around your waist and makes it more flexible. Also helps to improve spine and abdominal health.


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  • Try these yoga poses only under the guidance of trained yoga experts
  1. Crow Pose:

This is also known as Bakasana. Crow pose provides strength to your arms, wrists, core and hip muscles. Increases your attention level.

  1. Wheel Pose (Urdhva Dhanurasana)

This pose provides strength and flexibility to your muscles and opens up your front body.

  1. Wall assisted Headstand

Known as Adho Mukha vrksasana. This strengthens your arm, wrist and shoulder. It helps to promote calmness, confidence and balance.

  1. Headstand

This is known as Sirsasana. It helps to regulate blood flow. This posture helps to strengthen our upper body, shoulder and arms. This posture affects circulatory, lymphatic and endocrine systems in a positive way. 

Best Yoga Poses for Abs:

  1. Butterfly pose
  2. Dolphin Push Ups
  3. Sun Salutations
  4. Half Moon Pose
  5. Triangle pose and its variation
  6. Boat Pose

Best Yoga Poses for flat belly / Best yoga poses for weight loss:

  1. Warrior Pose 
  2. Downward dog pose
  3. Shoulder stand
  4. Bridge pose

Apart from Traditional yoga poses the more effective is power yoga which is an advanced yoga.

The postures of yoga help to reduce weight and also strengthen your muscles and stamina.

The best power yoga poses for the quick weight loss is

  1. Wind Pose
  2. Garudasana
  3. One legged downward dog pose
  4. Cobra pose
  5. Raised feet pose
  6. Corpse pose

Best Yoga poses for relieving headaches:

  1. Seated Neck Release
  2. Half Dog Pose
  3. Happy baby Pose
  4. Uttanasana
  5. Gomukhasana
  6. Viparita Karani

All these six poses help to relieve severe headaches and migraine pains. They regulate blood flow and calms the nerves.

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So, as far now we have discussed many different poses and their benefits in the human body. Bur before carrying out yoga exercises that yoga is not only about exercise. (yoga mats for workout)

Yoga is a blend of exercise, discipline, eating habits and lifestyle.

Home remedies: Importance of human fitness by natural

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